Spring Luxe in the MOVV Studio

I am so ready for some summer sunshine after this gloomy PNW spring, but thankfully in my studio I have two big windows that let SO much sunshine fill the room in the morning. I have been enjoying using the natural sunlight to take some photos of my jewelry (old pieces as well as new pieces that will be available just in time for summer) and space.        

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Featured Blogger Babe: Alexis Kaiser of Alternative Indigo

I have always envisioned M O V V to be worn by women with the greatest passion for adventure, life, love, creativity and hard work. Here on the blog I have started a Q&A series to showcase some of my favorite creatives who embrace those passions fully with a glimpse into how they got started on their creative pursuit and what inspires them. My goal is to hopefully inspire you to follow your dreams and to never give up on what sets your soul on fire. Alexis has been on my blogger radar for a couple years now and I just can't get enough of her! She is a babe with an adventurous style and all of the passions a...

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